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Primabake Celebrates Prestigious BRCGS Certification

On May 28, 2024, Primabake proudly announced its recent BRCGS certification, a milestone that underscores its commitment to producing safe, high-quality baking paper for food contact. This achievement highlights Primabake’s dedication to maintaining the highest food safety and quality standards, ensuring that clients can trust their products implicitly.


The BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard has been the gold standard in product safety, integrity, legality, and quality within the food manufacturing industry for nearly 25 years. Adopted by over 22,000 sites in more than 130 countries, the standard has continually evolved to enhance consumer protection, introducing innovations such as food safety culture requirements and food fraud definitions.


"Achieving BRCGS certification is a testament to our commitment to food safety and quality," said Stephane Barbereau, Managing Director of Primabake. "It reflects our dedication to rigorous operational controls, ensuring the integrity of our production processes. This certification validates our efforts and sets us apart in the industry. Clients can trust that our baking paper products meet the highest safety standards."


At Primabake, we have always prioritized planet-friendly practices and the well-being of our consumers. Our journey to BRCGS certification involved rigorous assessments and audits, reflecting our relentless pursuit of excellence. This certification differentiates us in the market, showcasing our compliance with a program that provides unparalleled control over the operational delivery of our certification processes.


As Herve Brunet JAILLY, Product Manager at Primabake, aptly states “Our success in attaining the BRCGS certification is a key element of our strategy to achieve worldwide excellence in baking paper. It recognizes our team's hard work and dedication and rewards our staff for adopting rigorous working methods. This accomplishment reinforces our market leadership and assures our customers of the highest standards in eco-friendly, safe, food-grade paper."


Primabake’s PFAS-free parchment paper is a prime example of the company’s commitment to sustainability and safety. With the BRCGS certification, Primabake reinforces its position as a leader in the production of eco-friendly, safe, and high-quality baking paper.


As Primabake continues to innovate and uphold its commitment to excellence, the support from its customers and the dedication of its employees remain vital. The company’s achievement of BRCGS certification marks a significant step forward in its mission to deliver safe, sustainable products that consumers can trust.


For media inquiries or further information, please contact Alizee Degorce at or +33 698961146.


About Primabake: Primabake is a leading innovator in parchment paper technology, dedicated to producing eco-friendly, cost-effective parchment paper. With a strong commitment to sustainability, quality, and the use of FDA-approved silicone, Primabake is paving the way toward a greener, more environmentally responsible future. For more information, visit



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