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PFAS-Free Papers: Preserving a Valuable Legacy for Future Generations by Stephane Barbereau, Managing Director

On April 28, Stan. has unveiled "Revealed: How to Poison a Planet," a compelling documentary that sheds light on the severe environmental impacts of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and their profound effects on communities worldwide.

These effects range from heightened cancer risks to thyroid function disruptions and developmental issues in infants. Inspired by this upcoming release, I want to share reflections on a treasure we're committed to safeguarding for future generations.

PFAS, known for their water, oil resistance, and stain-repelling properties, were once common in various paper products, including non-stick coatings for baking papers. Although the use of PFAS in paper manufacturing has ceased in Europe and North America, their legacy persists. PFAS are remarkably durable, accumulating in soil, water, and wildlife, creating long-lasting environmental challenges.

Paper manufacturers that once used PFAS or operate in areas where these "forever chemicals" have polluted the environment face a significant challenge. Traces of PFAS may linger in their products long after they've discontinued the use of these substances. While there are remediation techniques available, they are often intricate, expensive, and necessitate sustained effort, depending on the contamination's scope and the site's specific circumstances.

At our company, we produce lightweight specialty and engineered papers and were fortunate enough to bypass the use of PFAS chemicals entirely. This fortunate circumstance allows us to offer Primabake, our PFAS-free parchment paper, ensuring a safe option for baking and cooking enthusiasts. However, our journey isn't merely a stroke of luck. It's a testament to our company's commitment to conscious production practices.

Our manufacturing facility, nestled in the idyllic setting of Thonon-Les-Bains, flanked by Lake Léman and the French Alps, has always been attuned to the environmental significance of our locale. Our commitment to preserving this pristine environment is ingrained in our ethos. We've consistently prioritized planet-friendly practices, embedding ecological considerations into our product design from inception.

Our dedication transcends mere fortune. It's about making informed choices, investing in sustainable practices, and upholding a commitment to our ecological responsibilities. As we move forward, our resolve to protect this invaluable legacy remains unwavering, driven by the support of our customers and the pride of our employees. We believe that our sustained efforts to cherish and protect our environment will continue to resonate, ensuring that our legacy is one of stewardship and respect for our planet.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact: Alizee Degorce +33 698961146

About Primabake : Primabake is a leading innovator in parchment paper technology, committed to producing eco-friendly, cost-effective parchment paper. With a dedication to sustainability, quality, and FDA-approved silicone use, Primabake is leading the way toward a greener, more environmentally responsible future. For more information, visit 



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